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Howard Toh

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Howard Toh


Having spent close to 12 years in StarHub, I count myself lucky to have the opportunities to transfer departments and gain lots of experience. Instead of writing a lengthy piece worthy to be a thesis, I will list down core tasks, achievements and special projects.

Customer Service

I started out as a call centre agent but my supervisors found that I had a flair for managing difficult customers and soon moved into a role managing complaints sent to senior management. I had the privilege of discussing difficult cases directly with the Head of Customer Service and have learnt a lot during my time in Customer Service. During my time in Customer Service, I have written intranet web portals, wikis to help agents improve work efficiency. One of the biggest achievement was to use my IT knowledge to write a custom script that remotely pulls network equipment analytics (signal strength, error codes and such) from an internal server and display them on the computers and mobile devices of technical support helpdesk staff and field engineers wherever they are. This saved loads of man hours and I received an award for it. This was in 2008 and today in 2017, I am very proud to say that the script is still being used.

Regulatory Support

Armed with years of Customer Service knowledge, this role required me to handle complaints sent to regulators (Such as IDA & MDA, as they were called back then) within a very tight SLA. I had to analyse each complaint, work with case owners (or take up the case myself if there was no existing case owner), write up a summary and provide a satisfactory response to the regulatory through the Head of Regulatory in the company. In this role, I also had to respond to letters from Members of Parliament and even CASE (Consumer Association of Singapore) who have written in on behalf of their constituent and members on their grievances.

Community Management

In 2012, the company started opening up to the idea of crowd sourcing as an additional avenue for Customer Support. We started our own online community and because there is a need for someone to manage the community, I was transferred to Marketing to become the first Community Manager. I was responsible for the setup, configuration, membership drive, knowledge base articles, blogs, contests and more. Brand Advocacy was getting big and I was also tasked to surface our first few brand advocates. Within 6 months, I’ve identified and met up with our first brand advocates. During this time, I also worked with Corporate Communications to come up with a Social Media Crisis Management framework that specifies the actions to be taken, the roles and responsibilities that each stakeholder play during a crisis and more. I went on to handle a few major social media crises which, to me, were insightful experiences.

Social CRM

As part of career development, I was given new job scopes. A junior community manager was hired and I began cutting back on operations and focused more on strategic items and innovation projects. Even though I was no longer personally replying everyone on social / community, I was still very much involved in meeting our brand advocates and the handling of social media crisis management. I ran social media campaigns, organised annual events for our brand advocates, worked with sales streams to create social portals that drive sales, worked with HR to talk about social amplification for employees, and much more.

Social Media Technologist

A major re-organisation in the company resulted in the birth of a dedicated in-house Social Media Team. Our social media agency was an unfortunate but necessary victim of our transformation. I carried over a part of my old portfolio since I was no stranger to social media technologies. I was responsible for the cut-over of the Social Media Management (SMM) platform from the agency’s proprietary platform to that of Lithium Technologies’. As part of my new job description, I regularly assess and review existing and new platforms, tools and technologies relating to social media. My biggest project to date came when I was tasked to space-manage, design, build and deploy a Digital and Social Analytics Hub, which is essentially a Digital & Social Media Command Centre. I was responsible for researching and deciding on the specifications of the hardware (e.g. CPU, Network, Display (Digital Signage), the end-to-end software required (i.e. Operating System, system applications, web applications and more), Network connectivity, remote management techniques, disaster recovery and more. For space planning and renovations, I am thankful to have help from various teams. At the end of 2016, we launched Curiosity – Digital and Social Analytics Hub. Shortly after that, Hubtricity, located in our new building STT MediaHub, was ready after years of planning and construction. It was a great joy seeing a project I was involved in, come to fruition. With Curiosity completed, I was able to quickly deploy a similar setup in Hubtricity. The above barely describe half of of what I do. Contact me if you would like to know more!

Experience (Outside of StarHub)

I am really thankful that some of my bosses at some point in my career, encouraged me to be an entrepreneur. They believe that this can instill intrapreneurship  and result in having employees who will treat the company like his/her own business. I was careful not to abuse this trust and in return, I know that I have contributed back to my company.